About Us

about usEstablished in Early 2005 we have become one of the leading suppliers of billing platform systems that doesn't require client software to be installed onto your machines.

Our entire billing platform is web driven and locked down by a number of secure processes.

We currently supply billing systems for leading telecoms companies throughout the UK who have the need to bill:

  • Voice Minutes
  • Inbound Minutes
  • Wholesale Line Rental
  • Telephone Maintenance
  • VOIP Calls
  • Mobile Calls
  • Data and other monthly related charges

Why Choose Us


If you are a new reseller looking for a competitive option and quick set up then please contact us and we can arrange a no obligation trial.

If you already have a billing platform that is just not working or is too expensive to run please contact us - we have migrated resellers from the majority of our competitors platforms and we know the steps to take.

Our Products

We have experience in processing CDR's from the following carriers:

  • Opal
  • BT
  • Cable & Wireless
  • Thus
  • and many of the smaller networks or resellers.

We also have the capability to access CDR's automatically from certain carriers using direct ftp connections.

Our billing system, which is called 'Soteria' is named after the Greek God of safety and deliverance, it is built on a Linux platform and is hosted on multiple separate servers dotted around Europe (we host the system on multiple servers for added resilience).