Frequently Asked Questions

We have constructed a list of the questions that we get frequently asked about our billing platform. If you can not find any answers to your questions here please call us for further information.

1How do we connect into the billing platform and do we have to have software loaded up onto our computers?

The billing platform is accessed via the internet and is locked down using usernames and passwords. This allows us to develop and enhance the platform for you without you worrying about having the latest version. It also means that you can access the billing platform from any machine in the world (providing that there is internet access).

2Do I need any programming or coding knowledge to run the billing platform?

No, the billing platform is a front end system that you input your customer details, tariffs, rentals and other billing elements. It is an easy process to add in your customer details and manage the billing process. You do not need any coding or programming experience at all.

3We need a billing platform quickly what are your lead times to set up a service?

If you are a new reseller and have no customer base to import, we can have a billing system ready for you in days. If you are an existing reseller who is migrating away from an existing billing platform this may take longer due to data imports that will need to be created (please call us for further information).

4I have 3 carrier relationships can you process all their CDR's?

We have experience in processing all the major carriers CDR's and have the capability to add other smaller carriers if necessary. If you are dealing with a carrier who we have not processed we will require a file format from that carrier to ensure that we can import CDR's correctly.

5We are interested in taking a billing platform with you but can you show us a demonstration of the software?

Yes, we can release a demo platform that you can use to familiarise yourself with the processes. We can also come to your site and demo the product in your environment.

6What is your minimum contract term for your billing platform?

Our minimum term for the billing platform is 12 months. After the initial 12 months the notice period is just 30 days.

7What do the customer bills look like when we use your platform?

We can send you a copy of an example bill but the usual format has a front page invoice which details the costs and VAT, a page which breaks down the service charges or rentals, a page with graphs that show number of calls made and received, a pie chart which shows when the calls are received or made, top 10 lists of calls made or received and full itemisation. You can select how much detail you want to give to your customers in the back end of the billing platform.

8We will be using your billing platform to host all our customer data. How safe do you keep our customer data and do you ever use this?

Your customer data is safe with us. We comply with all the important principles of the Data Protection Act and access to your customer information is only available through secure password and username access.